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Applications will be received on a Rolling Basis.

Additional information may be requested if you submitted your application prior to November 13, 2012.

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Name of Person Completing Application
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Mailing Address
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Business Address
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Was your business open to the public immediately prior to Hurricane Sandy (October 29, 2012)? *
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Prior to Hurricane Sandy, were your annual revenues in excess of $2 million? *
Have you had to close your business as a result of the storm? *
If you have re-opened, have you been able to resume pre-storm business hours and services? *
How do you intend to use the Restore Red Hook emergency grant of up to $5,000? Check one or more categories below, describe the loss/damage/need, and specify how you will use the grant funds, including amount needed for each item.
Please check and fill out the below descriptions for selected items *
Did you have flood insurance at the time of Hurricane Sandy? *
Have you applied for FEMA or any other governmental assistance to cover the costs of repair or replacement of damage or loss incurred as a result of the hurricane? *
I hereby certify that the above information is true and correct, and that I have the authority to apply for the Restore Red Hook emergency grant on behalf of the above-named business. I further certify that any grant received shall be used only for the business making this application, and for the purpose stated in this application. I further certify that I do not expect that any insurance reimbursement or or any governmental assistance will cover the cost of the specific item(s) for which I am seeking an emergency grant. *